15 EVS volunteers from different countries (France, Spain, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Turkey) who is living and working in Slovenia, last weekend discovered Velenje.

Volunteers weekend started with city tour which organised by Students of Tourism at the School Centre Velenje. After that we had wonderful time in Coal mining museum of Slovenia, where we felt what the miners feel when they are working. Our next stop was ice skating place where were to much fun. Without learning something about the night life, we would not say that we discovering Velenje. So we had fantastic concert in eMCe Plac and great party with local people.

To sum up, with this project l wanted to show my EVS friends from different countries that Velenje is really great place and place for having fun!

After this weekend all 15 EVS volunteers said that Velenje is great place to live and having fun! All they said that was one of the best weekends in Slovenia.

 Ugur Uslu, EVS volunteer in Velenje